Like us, you too have a right to live with your family; to be cherished and loved; to be protected from abuse and neglect; and to have nutritious food, clean water and proper healthcare. All of us have the right to go to school, to have time to play and to rest. Each of us also have valuable contributions to make and a voice of our own. When supported by family and every other adult, we can realise our full potential and grow up to be valuable members of our society. Our rights are protected by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). It’s been signed by almost every country in the world, including Malaysia!

Upin and Ipin, like all children and teenagers
below 18 years old, have the right to grow up
safe, happy and healthy.

BUT remember: If every child has rights, then we also have a responsibility to respect the rights of other children as well as to respect our parents and grandparents, teachers, and other adults.

  • Because all children have a right to be safe from violence, we also have the responsibility not to bully or harm other children.
  • Because all children have the right to a clean environment, then we also have a responsibility to keep our environment clean.
  • Because all children have a right to be educated, then we should learn as much as we can and, if possible, share our knowledge with others.
  • Because all children have a right to a full life, then we should also help ensure that the needy, the disadvantaged and victims of discrimination also enjoy this right.

Despite these rights, children across the world still suffer and face problems like hunger, abuse and neglect. UNICEF works to protect and promote child rights.

Upin and Ipin are honoured to be the National Ambassadors for UNICEF in Malaysia to help champion the rights of all children. Join us and show your support for child rights and help change the world for children everywhere.

Upin & Ipin,

National Ambassadors

Being "children" themselves, Upin & Ipin can help our children use their imagination while building social skills and learning to respect the many diverse cultures in our society.

So on March 7th 2013, UNICEF appointed Upin & Ipin as its national ambassador for children. Malaysia’s favourite cartoon characters were officially awarded the title by Ms. Wivina Belmonte, UNICEF Representative to Malaysia at a press conference in The MSC Hall at Plaza Sentral near Kuala Lumpur.

Ms. Wivina Belmonte

UNICEF Representative, Malaysia.

As childhood heroes for so many children in Malaysia, UNICEF feel that Upin & Ipin are a useful role model for children. They are generous, fair, honest, caring and play an important part in applying positive action and

thought. Experience has taught us that children are often better motivated when they learn from their own experiences and the experiences of children like them.

Upin & Ipin will be joining the ranks of other celebrities such as Malaysian athlete Lee Chong Wei, Bollywood actor Aamir Khan and international star Jackie Chan.

This move is a natural progression for Upin and Ipin who have always been involved in similar initiatives such as supporting violence against women and visiting children who have been diagnosed with terminal cancer.