Terbang Tinggi-tinggi! Video baru musim ke-5!

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Mempersembahkan, episode kedua musim ke-5!
Banyaknye layang-layang! Seronoknya!
Klik butang ‘CC’ untuk sarikata Bahasa Inggeris!

Terbang Tinggi-tinggi – Bahagian 1

Terbang Tinggi-tinggi – Bahagian 2

Terbang Tinggi-tinggi – Bahagian 3

Translation after the jump.

Presenting, the second episode from the fifth season!
Wow, there are so many kites! It’s so much fun!
English subtitles are also available – click the CC button!

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  • Afiq Ludin

    Upload la video baru-baru lagi. Upin Ipin memang best!

    • Aiman Anuar

      Buat peraduan pun best gak

  • Gisela Abdullah

    Thank you for the subtitles but I really wish it was in english. Yes I know why not just learn Malay… and how I wish I could easily learn it but well it’s a bit difficult for me on your own and then to teach my kids would be another challenge. I hope you can work towards making these available in english and if there is anyway I can help, please let me know. My husband does graphic design, videography and we have done voice overs. I’d love to see this in english!